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What is Tibetan Pulsing Yoga? (Continued)

Sound - Use of Music, and Chanting or Tuning

Sound is used in various ways for the purposes of transformation, since specific vibrations of sound affect specific areas of the self in specific ways - and these ways have been systematically and precisely mapped out in Tibetan Pulsing Yoga.

Most significantly, sound is specific to the energy of individual organs in the system on which we work during Tibetan Pulsing sessions, hence music is played during the pulsing yoga work which specially resonates the organ under focus. Shantam Dheeraj's son Parmesh specially composed music for each organ for this purpose.

The same holds true for the creation of music - or simply speech - of all kinds, hence I find it inspiring to deepen my appreciate of the musical arts by expanding my understanding of the true nature of sound's vibrational qualities as expressed in different people's voices. For example, each singer expresses the specific set of emotions, themes and experiences of a particular organ through the intrinsic individual character of their voice, hence while the music of the Beatles vibrates specifically the energy of the Throat, the music of J.S. Bach vibrates the Pons, flamenco music vibrates the Gall Bladder, Van Morrison the Pancreas, and so on.

Once you look into and experience these frequencies, the correlations are endlessly fascinating, and profoundly helpful for meditation and yoga, as well as a deeper understanding of and insight into the world.

Likewise, Tibetan Pulsers learn how to use the power of their own voices for the deep relaxation of their own organs, through the use of a particular form of chanting called 'tuning' (particularly in the Intensive I, Intensive II, Dragon and Tiger courses). This involves directing the vibrational energy of the voice, via specific letters and tones, at particular bio-electrical circuits. This is an important part of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga - and the Tibetan Buddhist tradition more generally - although in Tibetan Pulsing the use of chanting has been carefully mapped out in many new ways which have not been clearly defined and practised in this way before.


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