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The Intensive

Since many years ago the Intensive has been the “Jewel,” the core for the transmission of the inner secrets of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga.

The Intensive Training consists of 2 parts of 25 days in length.

Participants who are unable to attend all 25 days in one chunk are allowed to attend only half at a time (about two weeks).

The normal pre-requisite is attendance of the Ignition Group. However, if you have not done the Ignition Group and there is none on the group programme schedule, don't hesitate to contact the organisers of the Intensive in order to ask for more information on preparation and eligibility, as they can tell you what is needed and how it can be accomplished. They may also put you in touch with someone locally who offers Tibetan Pulsing Yoga workshops, so that you can have the opportunity for a pre-taster experience of Tibetan Pulsing as an introduction before beginning the Intensive itself.

Part I and Part II of the Intensive are usually offered on different years, therefore although it is good to start with Part I, there are some students who choose to begin with Part II and then catch up with Part I later, and this works well too.

The Intensive incorporates the following modules:

  • THE TUNING, a deep penetration into the subconscious through the application of light and sound frequencies, as practised in Tibetan Buddhism and Taoist China.

  • THE STREAMING, a melting of all individuals into a large energy chain, which floods our nervous system with positive energy.

  • THE BODYWORK, silent and profound relaxation of the body through the pulsebeat.

  • THE EYE-READING, where we lovingly unfold the specific wounds of each individual. It is different from Iridology. Here the whole context of information is conveyed in a playful and entertaining form.

  • THE THEATRE, an opportunity to play out the parts of our personality which are hidden deep inside, such as stress, depression, anger, etc.

The Intensive reveals the mysteries of the human subconscious on all the different levels. It is not a form of teaching or learning. However, understanding takes place by experiencing the multi-coloured glasses through which we perceive our inner and outer world and by exploring the different spaces of our own subconscious.

Wisdom grows as our awareness increases of the workings of our own inner mechanisms. Excellent yoga methods are offered, and an invitation to explore our inner (and outer) reality, which is not separate from the inner reality of all human beings.

The Intensive is supported by several forms of media: audio, video, theatre, and in a new and revolutionary way also the tarot. The whole process is exciting, regenerating and highly entertaining.

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