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The Temple

The Temple Wave is a month in length (unless divided into separate parts) and was the last new module Dheeraj and Kalpa introduced before Dheeraj died in 1998.

It is the most advanced Tibetan Pulsing work so far available, and works specifically on clearing the family karma, dissolving our identification with the personality and ego, re-awakening the blissful life-energy of the hara, throat, legs and arms, opening the energy supply to the Third Eye, and thereby opening the door to a state of enlightenment and self-realization.

This is performed through the deepest possible meditation - or by entering the "temple space," as it has affectionately been called - which does not refer to any external temple, church or other place of worship, but to the "temple" we carry around inside us everywhere we go.

This is not a process which can be completed overnight, of course, but is instead a gradual process which can progresses best when the Temple work is practised regularly, or at least periodically, as much as possible, for those Tibetan Pulsers who are ready for the Temple work.

The pre-requisite for the Temple is to first complete all 6 waves (24 organs) of the New Mind.

In addition to this pre-requisite, I would personally add that for those who have pursued it the Temple work becomes ultimately probably the most rewarding of all Tibetan Pulsing work that exists, but at the same time - because it is working directly on dissolving our identification with the personality and ego - it may be that some people are not ready for this work even after having completed the New Mind and having done preparation with other pulsing work and meditation. This may depend on how identified each person is with their personality and ego - or, conversely, how much courage they have to work directly on dissolving it as in the Temple work.

Of course, this is the ultimate goal of all meditation, it's just that as most people aren't ready to "take the bull by the horns" and front up to dissolving the personality and ego identification directly, this means that most meditation practices do not take such a direct approach as this, but are more conciliatory and preparatory in nature.

The Temple work could therefore be considered the most authentic and advanced meditation practice which it is possible to engage in, suitable for people who have already done a lot of preparation and feel ready for the "real McCoy"!

Having said that, the reason that the Temple work is such an amazing experience is, likewise, because it is a tool for the most profound personal liberation.

The Temple work was Dheeraj's favourite pulsing work, and it remains my favourite pulsing work too. Each time I have returned to continue with more Temple work, I have found it to be the most amazing experience of my life. In my view, there is probably no possible activity that I could spend my time engaged in which could be more worthwhile or rewarding than Temple work.

Personally I would therefore encourage Tibetan Pulsers anywhere in the world that if they should have an ambition in Tibetan Pulsing, then it should be to progress through the New Mind modules until the point at which they feel ready for the Temple work, the most advanced pulsing work available, and then to aim to diligently keep up regular Temple exchanges in the years which follow.

And I might add that it helps to take courage and not feel threatened by the possibility that the Temple work offers to dissolve the personality and ego identification directly, because by taking the plunge and allowing ourselves to let go of our identification with our very sense of self, it finally becomes possible to re-connect with our authentic being, and a wider reality, and in so doing feel the most profound, speechless, transfixing joy and ecstasy.

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