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The Light Waves

Text from the Padmasambhava Association: "The Light Waves offer us a feminine approach to the different organs of each Wave. Through this work we explore the part of our consciousness which operates in forms and pictures, where we experience our emotions and feelings, and then a balance can occur between the inner male and female. The healing occurs while we are in a state of deep relaxation, far from the stresses of everyday life."

As with the New Mind, each Wave comprises four different modules each of which focuses on a specific organ, but this time in a more feminine way.

By 'feminine,' this does not mean to imply that it is a work only for women - it is equally important for men and women, and has nothing to do with gender.

The Light Waves relate to all of the 24 organ circuits, in conjunction with the parallel New Mind Waves for the 24 organ circuits. The difference is that whereas the New Mind groups work on each organ in depth through the 'Right Eye' perspective (following on from Intensive I), the Light Waves work on each organ in depth through the 'Left Eye' perspective (following on from Intensive II). They are listed below in the order they were first developed by Kalpa Buchner:

The Light Reds  (Intimacy)

The Light Blues  (Sexual Identification)   

The Light Yellows (Forgiving Yourself and Others - Releasing Captive Feelings)

The Light Sparkles  (The Power of Trust)

The Light Greens (Emotional Values)

The Light Violets (Being Here and Now)


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