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What is Tibetan Pulsing Yoga? (Continued)


For the same reasons as the Tarot Deck is studied in a completely new symbolic light, the cinema is also studied extensively in Tibetan Pulsing Yoga.

This is because it offers a very wide-ranging, diverse, accessible and visual-audio representation of countless realms of human experience and drama. Through careful systematic study, Shantam Dheeraj observed universal patterns of the human mind and behaviour which can be seen played out repeatedly in films (or, likewise, in real life, theatre, books, paintings, sculpture and any other art form, although the cinema is particularly useful because of its range, and combination of visuals, audio and action).

Once these patterns are explained and observed, their study becomes an endless source of fascination, because this sheds a whole new light on what it means to be human, what drives human beings, and what exactly makes up the collection of thoughts, feelings and motivations which we call the human experience.

To give some typical obvious examples, adrenaline-soaked characters like James Bond tend to star in films which explore the human drama of the Adrenals bio-electrical circuit, in contrast to your average romantic comedy which more often explores the human drama of the Stomach bio-electrical circuit, relating as it does to things shared intimately between friends and lovers and the many possible dramas, themes and emotions which unfold in this area of human life. But this is quite literally only the tip of the iceberg: within a good-quality film, there is typically then a whole wealth, or sub-spectrum, of symbolic representation of a vast range of different aspects of the human mind and being, above and beyond the principal overriding theme, and these are all studied closely in Tibetan Pulsing Yoga.

In various Tibetan Pulsing Yoga courses different film genres, directors, actors, themes, etc., are discussed and correlated to the different bio-electrical organ circuits and their respective characteristics. One example is in parts of the enthralling and complex Intensive III module, which was offered many years ago by Dheeraj and, more recently, has been offered several times again by Kalpa - who will hopefully offer it again before long, provided there is sufficient demand for it (please email your request to her here if you have attended the pre-requisite Intensive I and Intensive II courses and if, like me, you would love to see an Intensive III module on the schedule again soon!)

I sometimes reflect that probably never before in history has humanity studied itself with such accuracy, precision and understanding - or with such relish and delight - as in this way.


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