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What is Tibetan Pulsing Yoga? (Continued)

Analogy of the Phoenix

Dheeraj compared Tibetan Pulsing Yoga to the myth of the phoenix rising from the ashes. PhoenixThe phoenix was a mythical creature which periodically had to die in order to be reborn, by allowing itself to be consumed by flames - after which it would rise from the ashes in a new body, with a new lease of life.

The reason this myth is so relevant is that Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is a system of transformation.

In other words, the aim is not simply to heal parts of ourselves and restore them to normality - instead there is a broader horizon in view, the aim to radically transform and regenerate the very essence of our being. This is necessary because it is universally part of the human condition that we have partially lost contact with our "true essence," and thus a deep transformation or metamorphosis of our being is required if we are to restore this. It is important to remember that Tibetan Pulsing Yoga - in direct contrast to other techniques - does not aim to strengthen our self or our ego, but rather to assist us to reach beyond our limited and mistaken concept of self or ego in order to rediscover our real being - our "original face," as Dheeraj has called it.

Once we are prepared to undergo fundamental change, we set off on a journey, and then one day we find the ashes of our old self under our feet, along with many of our old fears and illusions. It is only then that we notice the wings we have sprouted. In fact, the phoenix was there inside us all along, but as if sleeping and forgotten, and now it is back in flight.

This myth becomes reality through various powerful tools which include the healing power of touch combined with the precise understanding of the world which has been developed through the Tibetan Pulsing Yoga system, which in turn forms part of an ancient wisdom which was developed at certain Tibetan and Chinese Taoist Monasteries through meditation and transmission over many generations, making use of sound, colour and many other methods to reawaken our awareness and compassion.


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