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What is Tibetan Pulsing Yoga? (Continued)


Yoga Group SessionOn the one hand we could say that Tibetan Pulsing is a system of acupressure - meaning literally the pressing of points. For thousands of years, people have known that by pressing particular points on different parts of the body we can have a profound effect on the body, heart, mind and spirit of a person. This is no surprise when we consider that the nervous system extends into every part of the body, is very sensitive, and is directly linked to our mind and, from there, to everywhere else in the system. Group Session

But in Tibetan Pulsing this practice - offered to the general public for perhaps the first time in history in this way - has finally been put to the highest and noblest possible use: it has been systematically mapped out as a means to assist the individual in meditation, yoga and personal transformation.

Most forms of acupressure using specific energy points on the body are in one way or another derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which a system of acupressure has been used for over 5000 years (indeed, acupuncture is merely a modern branch of this tradition in which needles are used rather than fingers and thumbs).

However, this is not so with Tibetan Pulsing, which adopts a distinct system of points that have a different character and which, if anything, are deeper-acting since they are based primarily on the nerves and the skeleton, whereas traditional Chinese points are mostly based on soft areas that are ameniable to being punctured with needles or manually massaged.

Pulsing GroupThe system of touch employed in Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is in my experience broad, brilliant, precise, authentic and effective.


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