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What is Tibetan Pulsing Yoga? (Continued)

Colour, Imagery and Poetry


Dis 1Every colour has a specific effect on the system, according to which organ its vibratory patterns stimulate, represent and nourish. Colours, like sounds, are correlated precisely with particular organs, emotions, experiences and acupressure points.

Dis 2To pick a random example, there are four shades of yellow and orange pictured in the tiny image immediately to the left of this sentence, and the lemon yellow colour in the moon-shaped segment on the left side of the image represents, nourishes and vibrates the specific energetic frequency of the Stomach bio-electrical circuit and the many other manifestations of this same frequency which are, likewise, also correlated with the Stomach circuit. By recognizing these correlations we can utilize specific combinations of sound, colour, imagery, poetry, acu-points and so on in the Tibetan Pulsing Yoga work in order to flood this particular bio-electrical circuit with a powerful multi-layered energy flow capable of neutralizing and removing the blockages which have accumulated in this particular circuit causing tension and suffering there.

Dis 3Likewise, particular shapes and images can each have a profound effect on a particular realm of our physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual experience. A wide range of colours and geometric drawings are therefore used in Tibetan Pulsing Yoga (particularly in the Intensive I, Intensive II, Dragon and Tiger courses), usually in co-ordination with tuning (chanting) at the same time, and sometimes the reading out of carefully chosen passages of symbolic metaphysical poetry, to 'activate' and attune specific bio-electrical circuits and processes in the system, and thereby help to heal and bring awareness to them.

Dis 4For many Tibetan Pulsers, this can be a profound and moving experience in itself, which they find deeply transformative, enjoyable and instructive, and yet it is just one of the many different techniques employed in the many different Tibetan Pulsing Yoga modules.


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