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What is Tibetan Pulsing Yoga? (Continued)

Eye-reading, or Tibetan Pulsing Iridology

One important branch of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is the practice of eye-reading, or Tibetan Pulsing Iridology. This is the study of the markings of the iris of each eye in order to find out about the strengths, weaknesses, traumas and other issues of the individual.

The iris is the coloured visible part of each eye between the black of the pupil and the white of the eyeball, and in Tibetan Pulsing Yoga it is studied (particularly in the Intensive I, Intensive II, Dragon and Tiger courses). On some courses the eyes are carefully photographed using high-quality specialised camera equipment, so that the iris photos of an individual can be projected onto a large wall in a very large size for easier study. It is unceasingly amazing how much is revealed through detailed study of the markings of each iris, and consequently many people find this a mind-blowing and moving experience.

In the words of another author:


" 'The eye is the window to the soul' is not just a poetic statement. It is a scientific fact. Just as a computer chip contains all the information of its program, the iris reveals the complete print-out of our nervous system. The very sensitive nerve knots in our eyes are connected to the entire nervous system of our body. The eyes respond to visual input which is interpreted by the brain according to its program. The eye is the only organ through which the brain can reach to the surface. The eyeball and its delicate skin are built from the same embryonic tissue as the brain itself. We can imagine the eyeball as brain tissue sort of turned inside out and its skin as the extension of the brain skin. The iris is very fibrous and filled with many veins. It has the ability to record everything that was damaging to our nervous system in the form of markings on her visible surface. Each shock, physical, emotional or psychological, such as stress, injuries or operations, causes a "scar," a blockage in our nervous system where the electrical current flow cannot pass freely any more. This blockage shows in the iris as a recognizable marking. By looking at the iris the Tibetan Pulser is able to pick up which kind of individual session will serve you best or can help you look at a specific problem you would like to dissolve, such as migraines, depression, allergies, impotence, premature ejaculation, menstrual pains, sexual abuse, etc."

Please note that Tibetan Pulsing Iridology has nothing whatsoever to do with mainstream Iridology as developed and practised more widely in the West. The map of the iris used, the manner of interpretation and the issues studied, in each discipline, have no common relation at all and should not be confused.

Mainstream iridology (at least in its main branches) is primarily concerned with physical issues, and uses a different map to study the physical organs. In contrast, the Tibetan eye map is a deeper, more complex one which takes into account multiple issues at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the person, with great precision, focus and detail. Even simply on a psychological level, for example, iris study using the Tibetan map is exceedingly complex and revealing, showing the precise patterns of psychological experience which throughout the person's life have shaped the person they have become at many different levels. Meanwhile, the organs themselves are not studied in the Tibetan map via some sort of simplistic "visual" map of the organs by location, but via observation of a deeper pattern of organ energies at the detailed inter-section of specific 'spokes' and 'rings' in each eye which is based on the body's own internal self-regulating 'mapping' patterns of its organs (i.e. the Tibetan iris map appear to be based on the body's own visual 'image' of itself, rather than based on an external visual 'image' of the layout of the body as seen from outside).


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