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What is Tibetan Pulsing Yoga? (Continued)

Movement and Dance

Artistic Representation of the Hara by Tibetan Pulser Socrates www.sacredgates.comTibetan Pulsing Yoga is not a practice based only on a "sitting still" form of meditation, although that forms part of the yoga practice. On the contrary, since most people find it difficult to sit still and meditate, Tibetan Pulsing Yoga utilises many useful techniques for resolving this, by helping prepare and induce the person to enter a state of deep meditation and relaxation. One of the many techniques utilised involves various forms of movement.

Creative expressive dancing is always encouraged, and on some Tibetan Pulsing Yoga courses (especially the Dragon and Tiger) specific dance activities are also used as part of the yoga practice.

Likewise, during Pulsing Yoga sessions, while holding/pressing acupressure points on a partner's body, it is common practice in many (but not all) of the yoga positions to use certain forms of gentle movement as part of the session. This can help to mobilize the bio-electrical energy flow at the points of contact, and so in some yoga positions periods of stillness or 'slow motion' are alternated with periods of movement or 'pumping'. This, like all of the other techniques employed in Tibetan Pulsing Yoga, was developed as a method of making it easier to dissolve negative bio-electrical blockages at the points, and throughout the system, and thereby make it easier to relax and enter a deep state of meditation during the yoga.


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