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What Has Tibetan Pulsing Yoga Got to do With Buddhism?

(Simon Rees)

Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is a modern branch of Buddhism, and more specifically a school of Buddhism known as Tibetan Tantric Yoga.

In Tibetan Buddhism the so-called ‘Bardo’ experience after dying consists of six specific phases of purification and transformation, and Tibetan monks may spend their whole lives preparing for their death through meditation, so that when they enter this after-death Bardo they do so with such awareness that they can free themselves from the Wheel of Karma and Rebirth – from the world of suffering and illusion – and instead enter Nirvana through becoming enlightened – the most fundamental aim of Buddhism.

Rough SeaSome schools of Tibetan Buddhism study the Six Yogas of Naropa, which directly parallel the Six Phases of the Bardo. The New Mind work of Dheeraj is based on the Six Yogas of Naropa. This practice starts the Bardo process of purification and transformation during life, so that there is no need to wait until after death before beginning the journey of liberation. It employs a systematic method of stripping the negative bio-electrical charge held in our being, in the nervous system, through the practice of pulsing yoga. This enables gradual purification of the self at all levels, as though being taken on an early initiation of the 'journey of the soul' which we must all face anyway one day when we die.

Tibetan Pulsing Yoga can also be described as a form of meditation in the Buddhist tradition. The yoga practice employs a form of acupressure (the pressing of points on the body) known as ‘pulsing’ to help plug us back into ourselves so we are better able to meditate. People in the West find meditation increasingly difficult as it is, on account of the stresses of modern life, so a technique which can help us to meditate – and with such facility and enjoyment – is a real blessing.


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