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 Tibetan Pulsing Yoga in Germany

Kalpa & Chitaa, Todtmoos-Au, Black Forest

Rabia & Abhika, Stuttgart

Sujata, Bonn

Socrates Art

Nityanando, Bonn



Ranva, Hamburg


Barkati & Avishta, Baden-Baden

Gopal, Dresden

Kalpa and Chitta

Padmasambhava Association

Kalpa Buchner and Chitta Munz


79682 Todtmoos-Au

Tel: 0049 7674 920 888



See more details about the Padmasambhava Association here

Link to: Programme of upcoming groups with Kalpa and Chitta in Todtmoos-Au

Kalpa and Chitta have participated in, assisted and led Tibetan Pulsing Yoga groups for decades and offer a regular programme of events in Todtmoos-Au, located in the Black Forest in the south of Germany.

"Kalpa and Chitta found a wonderful spot in the Black Forest for the practice and teaching of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga and for Silent Retreats. Kalpa was living with Dheeraj for 10 years and developed the New Mind process with him together. In India many friends took part in this creative adventure. Later in Italy she continued his work. She discovered the emotional aspects of the New Mind and together with Chitta the deep connection between astrology and Tibetan Pulsing Yoga. Eyereading, sessions, session-exchange, week-end seminars, silent retreats, astrological eyereading."

"Kalpa e Chitta hanno trovato un posto bellissimo per la pratica e lo studio del Tibetan Pulsing Yoga nella Foresta Nera, nel Sud
della Germania. Kalpa è stata la compagna di Dheeraj per 10 anni ed ha sviluppato la New Mind insieme a lui. In India tanti amici erano coinvolti in questo processo creativo. Durante la sua permanenza in Italia Kalpa ha scoperto l´aspetto emotionale della New Mind; quindi insieme a Chitta ha tradotto la connessione profonda tra l´astrologia ed il Tibetan Pulsing Yoga in gruppi e seminari.Lettura dell´occhio, sessioni, scambio di sessioni, gruppi, ritiro di Silenzio, lettura dell´occhio astrologico."

Rabia Abhika

Naropa Stuttgart

School for Tibetan Pulsing Yoga, "From friend to friend"

Rabia Schirmann and Abhika Pagano

Weissenburgstrasse 28

D-70180 Stuttgart

Tel. +49 (0) 711 4808825

Fax +49 (0) 711 6338334



Link to: Programme of upcoming groups with Rabia and Abhika in Stuttgart

Rabia and Abhika have participated in, assisted and led Tibetan Pulsing Yoga groups worldwide for many years and offer a regular programme of events in Stuttgart.

"Individual Sessions – Groups – Trainings – Creativity – Supervision. Abhika M. Pagano, born 1959 in Rome/Italy. Trained as civil pilot. Met Master Osho in 1991. Started to work with people under the guidance of Shantam Dheeraj, founder of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga. Rabia E. Schirrmann graduated in social psychology, met Osho 1977 for the first time. Received the transmission of Tibetan Pulsing by Dheeraj. Since more than 20 years I’m working with people individually and in groups. I’m experimenting with myself and many people on expansion of awareness and compassion by provoking the watcher inside and helping to bring forth the lightness of our being. Mother of 2 children. Rabia and Abhika founded many years ago Naropa Stuttgart - school for Tibetan Pulsing Yoga and association to preserve Tibetan Culture. Here they are sharing their understanding of Tibetan Pulsing with many friends."

"Im Dezember 1998 wurde das Naropa Stuttgart von Abhika Pagano und Rabia Schirrmann gegründet. Beide wurden von Shantam Dheeraj ausgebildet und greifen auf eine langjährige, tägliche Praxis mit dieser Methode zurück . Naropa ist dazu bestimmt, Dich aus der hektischen Welt herauszuholen und in Dein Inneres eintauchen zu lassen. Seit Februar 2001 wurde die Schule in den Naropa Stuttgart e.V. verwandelt und hat sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, u.a. das Wissen und die Technik des Tibetan Pulsing Yoga zu lehren und zu verbreiten. Unser Geheimnis liegt in der Vielfalt: Von einfacher Entspannung bis hin zu tiefer Meditation und Transformation. Unser Angebot: Augenlesen, Einzelsitzungen, offene Abende, Wochenend- und längere Gruppenprozess."

Tibetan Pulsing Bonn, Germany Sujata Patricia Attar, Tibetan Pulsing School of Transformation, Bonn, Germany. Content about Tibetan Pulsing. Language: German.

Sacred Gates - Socrates Art, Germany. Paintings by Socrates, and information about exhibitions and Tibetan Pulsing. Language: English. - Nityanando, Bonn, Germany. Content about Tibetan Pulsing. Language: German. - Pragya, Germany. Content about Tibetan Pulsing. Language: German. - Tibetan Pulsing Heidelberg, Germany. Content about Tibetan Pulsing. Language: German. - Ranva, Hamburg, Germany. Content about Tibetan Pulsing. Language: German. - Nirmala, Germany. Content about Tibetan Pulsing. Language: German. - Barkati and Avishta, Baden-Baden, Germany. Languages: German or English. - Gopal, Dresden, Germany. Language: German.

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