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 The Padmasambhava Association - Black Forest Venue Contact Details and Directions

Padmasambhava e.V.
79682 Todtmoos-Au, Germany
Tel. (0049) (0)7674 920 888

Arrival by train & bus
Go as far as Basel Bad Bahnhot, then change to the small train in the direction of Waldshut, getting off at Wehr-Brennet. There take bus no 7320 to Todtmoos-Au, where we are the first house on the left at the entrance of the village. We can help you with the schedule by mail.
If you come from Zürich, take the train to Stein-Säckingen and ask for our pick-up service.

By car
Take the A5 in the direction of Basel until triangel Weil am Rhein. Then take the A98 until Lörrach, then the B317 until Schopfheim. From here take the B518 until Wehr. From Wehr head towards Todtmoos on the L 148. The first village after the canyon is Todtmoos-Au. The first Haus on the left is us.
Coming from Switzerland take the Stein/ Säckingen exit coming off the A3, then drive via Bad Säckingen to Wehr ... … then see above.
Coming from Todtmoos aus head towards Wehr. After 5km you will reach Todtmoos-Au, and we are the last house in the village on the right before the Wehra-Canyon.


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Black Forest Venue - Contact Details and Directions

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