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Tibetan Pulsing Yoga vs. Other Methods of Bodywork - Comparing Different Levels of Touch

(Simon Rees)

There are different forms of bodywork in the world, and many of them are beneficial in different ways. However, given a choice, personally I would generally prefer a session of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga to another form of bodywork and so I came to ask myself why this was so. I reflected that there is actually a concrete reason which accounts for it: the quality and quantity of the levels of touch employed in each discipline are worlds apart.

Within the hands there is a tremendous therapeutic power which functions on three levels simultaneously, all of which are used together in Tibetan Pulsing Yoga. Most therapies, however, will tend to use only one of these, if any.

LighthouseThe first level of energy is electrostatic. Electrostatic energy is generated inside the brain and circulated throughout the body’s muscles and other connective tissue, and is the energy which can be measured around us at a distance from our bodies, forming an aura. It relates to structure and form in the body's tissues. Techniques such as Reiki Healing which either work without physical pressure on the body or which employ superficial contact are generally concentrating on the level of electrostatic energy. Most forms of massage, including aromatherapy and Swedish massage, as well as reflexology, are also working on electrostatic energy by relaxing tensions in our skin and muscles with applied pressure.

HeartThe second level of energy is electromagnetic. Electromagnetic energy is generated inside the heart and circulated throughout the system in the blood and other bodily fluids. The word ‘pulsing’ was chosen to describe this Tibetan form of contact because it is perhaps the only technique in the world which consciously sets out to make direct use of the pulsebeat of the heart for therapeutic touch. For this reason Tibetan Pulsing Yoga has been nicknamed “the conspiracy of the heart.

Interestingly, perhaps the only other existing therapy which even comes close, in this particular respect, and possibly also taps directly into part of the body’s pulsating electromagnetic energy, is craniosacral therapy, not by working with the pulsebeat directly, but instead with the rhythmic flow of the cerebro-spinal fluid.

One alleged story details how in an experiment two specimens of heart tissue, still pulsating, were placed side by side in a petri dish. As soon as they touched, they started beating in unison. In Tibetan Pulsing Yoga it is said that this amazing phenomenon occurs every time one person touches another, such as when two people hold hands. But it does not happen unless the cells of the blood vessels come into close enough proximity to receive physical pulsating movements from each other. This is why traditional healing techniques such as Reiki do not normally penetrate to the level of electromagnetic healing – the physical pulsebeat of the heart is usually not utilized. In our daily lives, the rational mind is often the motor in control of what we are doing. In Tibetan Pulsing Yoga, however, we seek instead to put the rational mind onto the backburner for a while, and instead make a jump from the head to the heart in order to facilitate transformation at a deeper level and bring the person into a meditative state of being.

SpiralThe third level of energy is direct current (d.c.). D.C. energy is generated within the hara (our belly), and circulated throughout the bones. Techniques which make use of the hara – and the power of movement afforded to us by our skeleton – include all of the martial arts, Tai Chi, Qi Gung and, of course, most sports and physical activities. Therapies which attempt to facilitate transformation at this level include many manipulation techniques and deep bodywork, such as Osteopathy, Chiropractic or Zero Balancing. In Tibetan Pulsing Yoga, bone to bone contact is usually used (except on occasions when working directly on the abdomen (hara) itself, or on soft sensitive areas such as the throat).

This way d.c. energetic contact is combined with electromagnetic and electrostatic all at once to form a powerful yet gentle stream of bio-electrical energy flow capable of neutralizing and clearing out the shocks and traumas in the nerves by means of the most powerful energy possible, working at all levels. This energy is then further focused and amplified when directed at specific combinations of points within a particular bio-electrical circuit.

For all of the above reasons, it is clear to me that, although the other approaches are also generally helpful in their own right, Tibetan Pulsing Yoga employs a deeper and more complete and advanced method of touch than any other existing hands-on approach that I know.

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