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Interview with Kalpa Buchner (2) - Interviewed by Nitya, 2007


What is Tibetan Pulsing?

Tibetan Pulsing is a form of meditation, where we focus the awareness on the pulse beat of our hearts. It is a tantric meditation, so there are tow people working together. One active partner and one receptive partner. Connecting different point on the body, our touch reaches the bio-.electrical energy flow of our partner. The magnetic energy of our heart has a positive polarity and thus has the magnical power to dissolve negative electrical charges in our body. These are all the obstacles which keep us from being happy and healthy: fear, pain, suffering, anger, greed, jealousy etc. This releasing of negative electrical blockages from our system has a relaxing and calming effect on us. After a “Session” we feel often like new. When we move into our nervous system to do some work on our internal organs, we come back fresh, in touch with our original being. It gets us in contact again with our innocence and beauty.

What is the connection with Tibetan traditions?

The roots of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga are in the monasteries of Tibet and China. From Egypt the practice of meditative science connected with sound went to Tibet, the practice with colours and light came to the Taoist monasteries of China. Dheeraj, the creator of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga, brought them back together. He discovered, that his findings about the nervous system and how we can read the psychological effects of the body's electrical charges in our eyes, was known by Tibetan and Taoist Masters. Visiting Kalu Rimpoche, he recognized Dheeraj as his former friend and teacher from the previous life time: Jamyang Wangpo Khentsy Rimpoche. Already in the last life he had the same rebellious character and the same moustache. Kalu had a good laugh, because he remembered that his friend was always talking about making the Tibetan understanding about the Mind accessible to the whole humanity. It looks like Dheeraj kept his word.

How did Tibetan Pulsing start, when and where?

Dheeraj had been alcoholic since very young. He had a dramatic childhood with seven stepfathers and a lot of violence. His father actually was a war hero and his mother only 13 when Dheeraj was born. Drinking was his way of dealing with the deep suffering he experienced in the family. At the age of 35 he suffered from pancreatitis and finally had to stop drinking, when he arrived to the fourth seizure of this deadly disease. He tried several forms of meditation, but what helped him was discovering the pulse beat. In the solitude of Yosemeti National Park he kept his hand on the Pancreas and later on the Liver also. The pulsating touch was easing the pain. Through sound he learned to release the endorphins by vibrating the organs with his voice. Slowly he recovered and started working on other people as well, discovering that Pulsing was able to heal different diseases. He especially worked on women to save their ovaries and breasts from operation. After this experience he started receiving the understanding about the nervous system and later about the eyes. That they are like a map to our inner world, the windows to our soul. He connected with the Tibetans, but they sent him to Osho, “find the most radical Master that ever lived!” Osho offered him in Pune the opportunity to work with hunderes of people and built for us a black marble pyramid, which he called “Naropa”. Dheeraj received the “New Mind” process after Osho's death, which is like a modern version of the 6 Yogas of Naropa. Completing the work of the “6 Waves” of the New Mind, we left Pune and Dheeraj offered his last transmission, “The Temple,” in Italy 1998. Now his work is blossoming all over the planet.

How did Tibetan work for you?

When Dheeraj arrived in Pune, I had been a Sannyasin of Osho for 10 years. I worked in his garden and was a pretty quiet flower. The “Ignition Group” was like coming home for me. It seemed to be exactly what I had been waiting for all my life. Meeting Dheeraj hit me like thunder and lightening. For one week I couldn't even speak. For the coming 10 years we were together day and night, having a lot of fun in our personal relation and also developing the different processes of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga. My part was the creation of the bodywork positions and I loved to play theatre. Also I was pretty busy with organization and practical matters for the large groups happening in Pune. The reason I love Tibetan Pulsing has always been receiving sessions. I just love it. If I can, I still like to exchange a session with my boyfriend Chitta every day, although we don't always find the time. It is a perfect way to grow together in a couple. Many difficulties can be dealt with and resolved, which normally become problems in the relationship. After Dheeraj left his body, I was convinced that I wouldn’t find a man who can give me such pleasure ever again. I was crying for a long time until I continued to develop the feminine part of the New Mind, the “Light Waves”. This work helped me to resolve my emotional attachments. Soon Chitta came along and I fell in love again. Developing the connections between Astrology and Tibetan Pulsing Yoga together with him, I found another man who is creative and loves meditation. Together we live now in a beautiful old house in the Black Forest and offer hospitality and to many friends of the Tibetan Pulsing.

What are the benefits of it to humans?

Pulsing is a technique which operates from the inside out. The transformation happens on the electrical energy level of the body through the pulse beat and ignites a healing process from inside the nervous system. Slowly our lives begin to change on the outside. We feel better physically, emotionally and psychologically more healthy, more alive.

On the physical level we have a method which can regenerate our body even from deep injuries, accidents, operations or traumas. Even the electrical field of removed organs can be reactivated to function almost normal. A broken bone will heal much faster if we apply the pulse beat from both sides of the injury. The regular diving into the depth of meditation keeps us young and fresh, even reverses the aging process. Pulsing is good for our health, especially to keep our immune system functioning well in our present times of high pollution, allergies and diseases which are not reacting to allopathic medicine.

On the emotional level it is a method which can repair a broken heart or overcome the loss of a loved one. I used to suffer from manic-depression in my 20ties. With the Pulsing this great suffering has completely disappeared from my life. Without taking medicines.

Of course here come in also the psychological effects. Our nervous system operates on 24 precise frequencies. Each one gives specific negative or positive input from our brain or other organs to our consciousness. The negative impulses are interpreted as pain, fear, hatred or anxiety. The positive as joy, courage, composure or excitement, because our brain operates like a computer with only yes or no, always polarizing the information. When the magnetic energy of the heart comes in, our brain can kick back for a while and allow the pulse beat to take over. Life seems easier and we can follow our feelings without someone from inside constantly interfering and ordering us about. Also many talents come forth when we discharge the negative attachments or identifications and allow the positive flow to cleanse our wounds from the past.

How does it work?

Technically we are applying a soft pressure to specific points on the body and connect them with the bio-electrical flow of the pulse beat. The positive energy immediately seeks the most negative point in our system and starts neutralizing it. For the mind it works is like erasing the sounds from a tape or the pictures from a video-cassette. The imprint is simply gone.

Is it easy to do?

All we need is a mattress, the right music for the organ we like to pulse and two people. Don't worry, we are making love, but nobody needs to take their clothes off. We can do it with our grandmother or son, with our boss or our neighbour. Tibetan Pulsing uses the sexual energy of the body for transformation. A meditation which we love to do every day, just to feel good.

Where to get it?

There are friends working in many countries, especially around Europe, who can introduce you to Tibetan Pulsing. We are working in Germany, and in the summer many friends from around the world come to our Intensive or other processes like “The Tiger” and “The Dragon”, a profound work which finds the parallels between Pulsing and Astrology.

Where is the heart of the Tibetan Pulsing, what is its message to the world?

Dheeraj had a favorite slogan: “There is only one of us”.

The world perceived through the heart is a different one. Our values are changing. Our approach towards life becomes friendly and humorous again. We realize that deep down we all want the same thing: living in peace and growing together towards one loving humanity.

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